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Review – 12 Gauge Winchester SX3

“Like you need another gun”…is the response I always get from my when I even hint at being liking a firearm. “Like NEED has anything to do with it!”, is generally what I mutter under my breadth.She knows me all too well. If I at the point where I’m hinting that I like something, I’m already putting it on my ...

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Review: Mossberg 500 with RAM Arms “Sledgehammer” package


The battle-tested and time-proven Mossberg 500 is arguably the most trusted pump shotgun for tactical/home defense situations. Right out of the box the black shotgun can do what’s needed whether dealing with a home intruder or the zombie apocalypse and with the large aftermarket, it can be taken even further. RAM Arms took that to the fullest extent with their “Sledgehammer” ...

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Lee Load-All

  If you’re anything like me, you’ll look for ways to save some money on you’re shooting hobbies so you can do more of it, more of the time. One thing that I’ve done to save some dough for years now is reloading. I’ve been reloading centerfire cartridges since about 1990 and shotgun for the last 2 years. I had ...

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Review: 20 Gauge Benelli Legacy

Ok, so I kinda did something lame…..I got my wife a shotgun for Valentine’s day last year. Coincidentally, it was a shotgun I’ve wanted for a little while; a 20 gauge Benelli Legacy. It wasn’t actually completely lame, as I do want her to get out shooting skeet with me more often. Her other options in my current stash are ...

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Review: Browning Maxus Semi-Auto Shotgun

It was time. I finally needed to replace the old Auto-5 as my trusty field semi-auto shotgun and Browning’s most-recent addition, the Browning Maxus, fit the bill. This review was written after the Maxus had gone through 175 shots at a clays range, 50 on the skeet field and another 25 or so bird hunting so this isn’t about long-term ...

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Ultimate Tactical Shotgun?

Recently while browsing the inventory of my local Cheaper than Dirt store I came across what might be the ultimate defense or tactical shotgun. The SRM 1216 is a semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun with a capacity of 16+1. Yes, 16+1. A whopping 17 rounds of either 2-3/4 or 3 inch shells. Not to mention dropping in another magazine with 16 ...

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Browning re-introduces legendary humpback: The New A-5 autoloader

While this is just the browning trailer, the gun itself is intriguing for a nostalgia standpoint and because it’s the first recoil-operated (yes, I said recoil operated) auto-loader since the legendary auto-5 ended production. Due to be released in March of 2012, the humpback look and overall lines are the only resemblance to its long-ago predecessor. The rest of the ...

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