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3 Great Climbing Stands from Ol’Man Outdoors

By Justin Stakes

Ol'Man Outdoor Climbing Stands

Ol’Man Outdoor Climbing Stands

OL'MAN Outdoors

OL’MAN Outdoors

Pearl, MI -(Ammmoland.com)- Ol’Man Outdoors gives you quality, mobility and safety in three different models of climbing stands.

The Ol’Man Drone comes with built-in accessory holders for your range finder, calls and other gear. It weighs just 25 pounds. Even better, it folds to just 4 inches for easy storage and for quick packing in and out of the woods.

The cable extends or retracts up to five inches with the simple turn of the wrist, giving you the freedom to adjust your stand easily and safely. Thanks to a shooting rail, …read more

Source:: Ammoland

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