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Sniper’s Hide Reviews Nightforce’s new affordable long distance scope [video]

Frank Galli at The Sniper’s Hide talks through the features of the economically-priced Nightforce SHV 4-14x56mm F1.

SHV-4-14x56-PicAngleThe scope gives entry-level, production class PSR shooters a way to compete without selling their cars or prized action figure collections.

As Nightforce puts it:

About the only complaint we hear about our riflescopes is that they aren’t cheap.

Nightforce riflescopes will never be “cheap.” The quality of materials, the precise tolerances, the skilled workmanship, and the need to withstand a lifetime of recoil make it physically impossible to build a world-class riflescope that is “cheap.”

But, we thought, perhaps we could make one a little more affordable.


The scope has a retail price of $1250.00 but has been seen as low as $1100.

Mount this scope on a Ruger PRS in 6.5 and you’ve got a PRS competitor for way under three grand.

Frank also talks about his testing methodology as he demonstrates how he tests tracking, the quality of the glass, the reticle and the scope’s parallax. If you want to see the full review, see it here.

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