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Groups Jointly Sponsor ‘Guns Save Lives Day’ On Bill Of Rights Day

BELLEVUE, Wash., Oct. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, the Second Amendment Foundation and DefendGunRights.com announced today they will join together with other groups to sponsor Guns Save Lives Day on Dec. 15, the day after the anniversary of the tragic Newtown, Conn., shootings “because crazy people, criminals and gun control extremists prefer unarmed victims.” “We are ...

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Judicial Watch Presents- ‘The Second Amendment under Attack’

  WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Judicial Watch announced it will host a panel discussion: “The Second Amendment under Attack.” Panelists include Dr. John R. Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime;” Attorney Stephen P. Halbrook, author of “The Founder’s Second Amendment;” and Emily J. Miller, author of “Emily Gets Her Gun: But Obama Want to Take Yours.” ...

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The First fully 3D-printed rifle

Introducing “The Grizzly”- the first fully 3-d printed rifle. YouTube Description: This is a fully 3D printed rifle I designed. I call it The Grizzly after the Canadian built Sherman Tanks of WWII. It is a single shot .22LR incorporating the coiled mainsprings of the Liberator by Defence Distributed. Like the Liberator the only metal is a 1″ roofing nail. ...

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The Importance Of Following Directions With Guns

The title of this video is actually, “Teaching the wife a lesson.” Another comment was, “A husband’s revenge.” If you are a woman, you may not find this funny. I guess I’m an oddity, because I think it is absolutely hilarious! Maybe it’s because I am one of those women who doesn’t always follow my husband’s instructions! It could have ...

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From Rape Victim to 2nd Amendment Activist

This woman is no victim, she is a survivor taking action! YouTube Description: After being brutally raped on her college campus, Amanda Hughes has now become a predominant voice in the pro-2nd Amendment movement. Ann-Marie Murrell talks to Amanda about what happened to her and how she has turned a horrible negative into a positive. From the “Women For the ...

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