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Growth of NICS ‘Mental Defectives’ Index Category

The National Instant Check System, NICS, started operation in 1998. The first numbers that I found available for ‘mental defectives’ were contained in an annual report listing numbers available at the end of 2000. The first 89 thousand people on the list were submitted by the Veterans Administration. In the next report, at the end of 2002, about another 60 ...

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California goes full-on in the anti-gun race with new ammunition and magazine initiative


Voters could stop the insanity proposed by California progressives. But, if history is an indicator, this will pass without difficulty. FIREARMS. AMMUNITION SALES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Prohibits possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines, and requires their disposal by sale to dealer, destruction, or removal from state. Requires most individuals to pass background check and obtain Department of Justice authorization to purchase ammunition. ...

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NC House Votes to Keep Antiquated and Dangerous Pistol Permits in Place

The North Carolina Sheriff’s Association has influence over North Carolina’s representatives than her people do. On Tuesday, June 16, the North Carolina House of Representatives gave in to pressure from the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) and passed an amendment to House Bill 562, offered by state Representative Allen McNeill (R-78), on a vote of 77-38.  As previously reported, the misguided ...

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Gifford’s Gun Group Lies in New Ad on NC Permit Bill

Gabrielle Gifford’s anti-gun group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, is running an ad in North Carolina that isn’t simply misleading – it outright lies about the efforts of NC legislators. North Carolina House Bill 562 includes a provision in it to finally do away with a Jim Crow-era permitting system for handgun purchases. Gifford’s anti-truth campaign instead says that legislators are getting ...

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VersaCarry Holster Review – the little holster that could

Versacarry holster review

Those who carry know the trial and error process that is holster selection. Some are bulky, others don’t hold the gun reliably, others are uncomfortable or don’t hide the gun very well. VersaCarry believes they have the answer and we did one year trial to see if their holster stood the test of time. The VersaCarry holster’s claim to fame ...

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