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Best of Both Worlds – Curio Cabinet and Gun Storage

You want more guns, but the gun safe is already stuffed and there is no way your spouse is going to give up more space in the house to another gun safe.  But what if the new gun safe .. wasn’t really a gun safe?

My wife is not an avid shooter.  She will plink with the .22 and is considering a clay shoot with the 20 gauge, but she really doesn’t think I need any more guns.  I would counter by asking if she really needs another purse .. but that’s a losing argument.

Recently, I purchased a shotgun and found that I had already exhausted all of the space in my gun safe.  With two kids, this gun was getting locked up somewhere, somehow.  I made my case to purchase another safe and the negotiations ensued. “Put it in the garage or under the house”, said the wife.  Of course I would never let my guns sit in all that non-climate-controlled air.  She countered, “You could sell some.”.  I could not bare the thought.

Days of surfing the web looking at gun storage alternatives had yielded only the idea of using in-wall gun safes as a possible idea.  I was just about to pull the trigger when I found this – the American Furniture Classics Jamestown Curio Gun Cabinet.

American Furniture Curio and Gun CaseFirst, the closed picture.  I just un-crated this beast and the wife has not yet stuffed it with cute little knick-nacks, photos and assorted decorations so you get to see the curio part .. empty.

The cabinet showed up well packaged and fully assembled.  The only thing they left to me was to put the glass shelves in the front.

The built-in lighting works very well and offers three levels of light for the items that you want.  Not only does the lighting illuminate any miniature trophies you wish to show off, it’s touch sensitive.  By touching the front door hinge you can take the light from off to low  to medium to high and back off again.

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The quality is high, although I wish they would have used less tape on the front glass door, that is an easy complaint to remedy (nail polish remover will take off the sticky stuff) – acetone for you afraid of girly-ishness labels.

So now we progress to the open presentation of the case.

American Furniture Curio and Gun CabinetThe back of the cabinet slides out to reveal an 8-slot long gun storage rack.  It easily holds everything from my son’s BB gun, to a 26″ upland shotgun (could probably hold up to a 30″ shotty).

Left-to-right is a 30-30, 12 gauage O/U, DPMS AR-15 (DMR), Remmy 7mm-08.

The ones you can’t see – Romanian AK-47, Browning light-auto-12, Marlin .22, and a Red Rider BB-gun (hey, it’s my boys gun).

The gun storage can open to either side and a well-thought out feature is that the key that opens the glass front curio cabinet isa different key than the one that opens the gun slide.

My Romanian AK was too short to get the stock to sit in the bottom notch and have the barrel rest in the top slot.  I let the gun rest against the end wall and will create a notch for it in the next few weeks  on my own.

There is a great shelf that holds the barrel spots for your long guns.  This is a great place to put your handguns or in my case – the other barrel sets for my over-under shotty.

If you need storage space for those things that do not require strict gun-level security, the bottom of the curio houses an awesome lower shelf for ammo and hunting gear.

The cabinet is beautiful, well-thought, functional and is a great compromise for those families where the shooter and non-shooter are worried about space.

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Rich Mitchell is the President and CEO of Anomalous Media and Editor-in-chief of Conservative Daily News. Rich is also a competitor in Skeet, sporting clays, 3-gun, Steel Challenge and USPSA.


  1. Its excellent idea having both curio cabinet and gun storage.

  2. Yeah.. I want one. That is amazing.. how much space behind the butt pads?

  3. what can a fellow expect to pay for something like this? it`s a great idea and thank you for the article.

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