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Browning re-introduces legendary humpback: The New A-5 autoloader

While this is just the browning trailer, the gun itself is intriguing for a nostalgia standpoint and because it’s the first recoil-operated (yes, I said recoil operated) auto-loader since the legendary auto-5 ended production.

Due to be released in March of 2012, the humpback look and overall lines are the only resemblance to its long-ago predecessor. The rest of the gun has been completely rethought.

And the Browning press release:


ou may notice a family resemblance, but let’s get one thing straight, this ain’t your Grandpa’s Auto-5. In fact, the iconic humpback-shaped receiver is the only thing this new Browning autoloader shares with its legendary namesake. The all new Browning A5 is built to be the most reliable, fastest cycling, best performing and softest shooting recoil-operated (yes, recoil-operated) autoloader on the planet. And we are so confident in the A5, we are standing behind it with a 100,000 round or five year guarantee that this shotgun will work, come hell or high water. Standing firmly behind this claim is the ultra-reliable, honed to perfection Kinematic Drive System.

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Other innovations, like the new Invector-DS choke tube system and Inflex II recoil pad are sure to place the A5 right at the top of the industry. With the recoil-operated A5 and our gas-operated Maxus autoloaders, we are poised to dominate every aspect of the autoloading shotgun market. These two guns compliment one another in the same way lightning goes with thunder, and the way Browning goes with number one.

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