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TWC Tests 5.7 ammo against a level IIIa helmet [Video]

The Wound Channel tests 5.7 against a helmet

The controversies surrounding 5.7×28 are numerous, but ‘The Wound Channel‘ has decided to put just a bit of the confusion to bed. In  a previous video, TWC failed to penetrate the helmet using a PS90 shooting 5.7×28. That seemed to indicate that the PS90 did not possess all that awesome armor penetration so many had touted. A viewer commented that ...

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Setting Up a Pistol for Big Game Hunting – Part II

It’s ammo time! In this part of this series, I’m going to discuss some of the options out there for hunting pistol ammo. I’m also going to cover my handloads, both past and future. The truth be told, if you’re using any of the handgun calibers I had mentioned in my first part of this series, Setting Up a Pistol ...

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Winchester issues warning, recal on some .22LR ammo

Winchester .22LR recall

Anyone that hasn’t been in hibernation for the last year knows that .22LR ammo has been difficult to acquire. Now, Winchester is announcing that some you may have stocked up could be dangerous to you or bystanders to shoot. Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, is recalling two (2) lots of M*22™ 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Black Copper Plated ...

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Rammunition by RAM Arms offers quality at a great price

If you own a semi-auto pistol, you’ve seen ammo prices skyrocket and availability plummet. RAM Arms has found a way to provide high-quality ammunition at fantastic prices. RAM Arms understands what shooters are looking for – affordable pistol ammo that is consistent and reliable at an affordable price. In 2013 RAM introduced their line of ammunition, branded “Rammunition.” Through extensive ...

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