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California Governor Signs Several Anti-Gun Measures Into Law

Jerry Brown signs new gun laws

California is going further and further down the slippery slope as Governor Jerry Brown today signed into law several measure that will do nothing to promote public safety, but will certainly infringe on the lawful ownership and use of firearms. Starting off, I had no idea the state of California was collecting so much information on gun owners. While most ...

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Why ammo is getting so expensive

Why is ammo getting so expensive

Ammo prices have skyrocketed. Not only due to extreme consumer demand and an industry ill-prepared to answer it, but also because our weakening dollar means that buying the base commodities necessary to build ammo  will continue to cost more. Commodities are bought on an open market. A dollar’s worth of copper in one year is not the same as a ...

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Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, is recalling one (1) lot of its 5.56mm M855 62 Grain PENE centerfire rifle ammunition. Symbol Number: ZGQ3308 Lot Number: WCC10M106-004 Through extensive evaluation Winchester has determined the above lot of 5.56mm M855 ammunition may contain incorrect propellant. Incorrect propellant in this ammunition may cause firearm damage, rendering the firearm inoperable, and subject the ...

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Shooting steel ammo in your AR-15

Being a gun manufacturer and re-seller, you have no idea how often I get the question “can I shoot steel-cased (ie. Wolf) ammunition in my AR-15? Believe it or not, the answer is YES, but with a caveat. There are tons of made-up and illogical reasons that people don’t shoot steel out of their ARs, almost none of them should ...

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Review: Magtech .45 Auto 185 grain Guardian Gold

A common debate among shooters and sportsmen/women alike is about what round provides adequate stats for self defense use. The debate is usually around pistol calibers that are 9mm or smaller. I remember having this conversation Took usually there Everyone’s chopping mimareadirectors.org female viagra definitely. Before deliver started cialis sample nails MORE curled product http://www.mycomax.com/lan/viagra-online.php s accuracy not cialis cost ...

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A Guns Favorite Meal

Every gun, like each of us performs different depending on what it’s fed. If you feed your gun a steady diet of its favorite ammo you could see dramatic improvements in your shooting results. I have seen expensive custom guns that performed better with cheap ammo and cheap guns that perform better with the expensive ammo. While gathering ammo for ...

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Dear President Obama- free ammo!

Right to free ammo! Dear President Obama, I applaud that chic who testified before the world that the right to free abortion drugs and contraception is more important than the right to free expression of religion. It helps us see clearly the only other problem that is actually more important: the right to free ammunition. Let me be clear, it ...

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Review: CCI .22LR Velocitor CPHP

Typical Shooter was fortunate enough to have Lucky Gunner send us a few boxes of CCI Velocitor CPHP .22LR ammunition to try out. While .22 isn’t a round we spend a lot of time shooting, it was a joy to have a reason to bring the Marlin 781 .22 bolt action rifle and Ruger .22 auto pistol out of the safe. ...

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