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NRA Calls for ATF to Review Bump Fire Stocks – Why it won’t matter

ATF logo and ammo

In a departure from its usual opposition to restrictions on firearms and firearm accessories, the National Rifle Association is officially asking the ATF to review bump fire stocks similar to those used by Stephen Craig Paddock to kill 58 people and wound almost 500 others in Las Vegas Sunday night. The ATF’s review won’t likely change anything. ” In Las Vegas, ...

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Relaxed Suppressor Rules Folded into Larger Hunting Bill


Gun enthusiasts have waited years for responsible suppressor/silencer legislation to be heard in Congress and after a change in strategy, it might finally happen. The Hearing Protection Act of 2017 seeks to make silencers, which decrease the volume of sound produced by firearms, less burdensome to purchase and own. The bill was introduced in June of 2017 but has gone ...

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Trump ends Obama’s Operation Choke Point

Donald Trump with gun

In response to a Congressional request for clarification, the Trump administration said Wednesday that Barack Obama‘s anti-firearms business initiative, Operation Choke Point, was over. “All of the department’s bank investigations conducted as part of Operation Chokepoint are now over, the initiative is no longer in effect, and it will not be undertaken again,” Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd wrote in ...

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Trump: “Second Amendment Is On The Ballot” [Video]

Ginny Simone reports Trump says second amendment is on the ballot

The Second Amendment is at stake, with whoever wins the presidency likely to appoint several Supreme Court justices. Listen to what NRA members have to say about why they support Trump—and why Hillary Clinton is an unacceptable choice. Want more? Here’s Hillary Clinton’s stance on gun rights in her own words.

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Professor: Take Granny’s Gun

(NRA-ILA) – Gun ban advocates, knowing their goals aren’t especially popular with the American people, have in recent years tried to couch their agenda in more innocuous-sounding terms. They don’t want to ban all guns, they’ll say, they just want to keep them out of the wrong hands. But once you start paying close attention to their claims, you realize that ...

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TWC Tests 5.7 ammo against a level IIIa helmet [Video]

The Wound Channel tests 5.7 against a helmet

The controversies surrounding 5.7×28 are numerous, but ‘The Wound Channel‘ has decided to put just a bit of the confusion to bed. In  a previous video, TWC failed to penetrate the helmet using a PS90 shooting 5.7×28. That seemed to indicate that the PS90 did not possess all that awesome armor penetration so many had touted. A viewer commented that ...

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D.C. Concealed Carriers Rejoice! Significant Second Amendment Victory

Fairfax, Va.— The National Rifle Association (NRA) today responded to an order issued by a federal judge in Grace and the Pink Pistols v. District of Columbia that instructed D.C. officials to stop enforcing provisions of the city’s code that barred most D.C. residents from carrying firearms for self-protection. “Today’s order is a victory for Second Amendment rights and has ...

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