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Springfield announces 2015 Duel 3 $130k giveaway!

Springfield is getting ready to launch the next iteration of its legendary gun giveaway. Do NOT miss out!   GENESEO, IL. (08/17/15) – One of the shooting industry’s largest gun and gear giveaways of its kind is set to launch soon. The Springfield Armory® DUEL 3 promotion is back, which means participants will soon be able to submit for daily ...

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President using executive action to facilitate largest gun grab in U.S. history


Gun news outlets have covered the basics on the Social Security Administration’s push to affect as many as four million Americans’ right to own firearms, what has not been stressed, is what’s coming next. Social Security leadership seems to be operating based on an executive memo from President Obama from 2013 that was supposedly to improve records-sharing between federal agencies and ...

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Gun and Accessory Makers Struggling in 2015

Colt factory

After the windfalls of the Obama firearms sales spree, gun and accessory makers are huge declines in demand and its costing some of them dearly. Just 10 days ago, Colt filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy after struggling to make payments on its $250 million in debt. On June 22nd, tactical flashlight maker Surefire announced layoffs company-wide in response to declining ...

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NC House Votes to Keep Antiquated and Dangerous Pistol Permits in Place

The North Carolina Sheriff’s Association has influence over North Carolina’s representatives than her people do. On Tuesday, June 16, the North Carolina House of Representatives gave in to pressure from the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association (NCSA) and passed an amendment to House Bill 562, offered by state Representative Allen McNeill (R-78), on a vote of 77-38.  As previously reported, the misguided ...

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Gifford’s Gun Group Lies in New Ad on NC Permit Bill

Gabrielle Gifford’s anti-gun group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, is running an ad in North Carolina that isn’t simply misleading – it outright lies about the efforts of NC legislators. North Carolina House Bill 562 includes a provision in it to finally do away with a Jim Crow-era permitting system for handgun purchases. Gifford’s anti-truth campaign instead says that legislators are getting ...

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Government Coming After AR/AK Pistols, NFA Trusts and More

The news has been full of the new push by the ATF to use regulations to advance President Obama’s anti-gun agenda: The regulations range from new restrictions on high-powered pistols to gun storage requirements. Chief among them is a renewed effort to keep guns out of the hands of people who are mentally unstable or have been convicted of domestic abuse. The ...

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UMM WTF?: Prof Claims Campus Carry Leads to Students Demanding Grades..

Most critics of campus carry couch their cultural bigotry against firearms and their owners in the dubious rhetoric of “public safety.”  Yet an instructor at Texas Women’s University has come up with a new argument to suppress Second Amendment rights on campus. Writing in Newsweek, TWU Assistant Professor of Sociology Jessica Gullion stokes fears that campus carry would lead to ...

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Is Colt Really Going Bankrupt?

**update – yes. Colt filed for Chapter 11 re-organization in mid-June. The New York Times reported last week that legendary firearms manufacturer, Colt, is undergoing something that looks a lot like bankruptcy. Colt is considering two options to avoid running out of operating capital – a bond exchange and a prepacked bankruptcy. Existing bonds would be exchanged for new bonds ...

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