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MagPul Now Shipping AR-15 Tools

MagPul has announced the first shipments of two new tools that the aspiring AR-15 armorer must have – The BEV Block and the Armorer’s Wrench. The Armorer’s wrench is American-made and features solid steel construction with a grip-enhancing phosphate finish. The wrench can engage both stock and pin-style barrel nuts. Fits standard sized flash hiders. Installs and removes rifle receiver extensions ...

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Gun control barely an issue as US elections

SEATTLE — The latest U.S. school shooting claimed the lives of two students and the teenage shooter less than two weeks before congressional and statewide elections. It barely made a ripple in the final days of campaigning. Candidates nationwide have largely ignored the issue of gun control ahead of the Nov. 4 election. Democrats facing an uphill battle to save ...

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DISGUSTING: Moms Demand Supporter Lies About Tucson Shooting of Gabby Giffords

By Bob Owens Moms Demand Action supporter Mary Reed, a survivor of the Tucson shooting that targeted then-Representative Gabby Giffords, lied about the assassination attempt in an attempt to help the Bloomberg-funded gun control group bully the nation’s largest grocery chain into adopting a policy banning the open carry of firearms in their stores, including the lawful holstered carry of ...

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G&A 2014 Suppressor of the Year: SureFire Ryder 22-A

By G&A Staff Suppressor use is quickly gaining wider acceptance for its inherent safety benefits and the joy it brings to people who use them. Combine a new lightweight suppressor design optimized for America’s favorite rimfire and you have Guns & Ammo’s top pick. The SureFire Ryder 22-A was chosen Suppressor of the Year in the Dec. 2014 issue of ...

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NRA Website with Gun-friendly Ratings for 2014 Candidates

Kay Hagan is anti-gun

As next Tuesday’s mid-term election grows near, many are unsure of their candidate’s position on their right to own firearms for hobbies, hunting and defense. The NRA has a website that allows voters to see how their local candidates have and likely will vote on gun rights, hunter’s rights and basic American rights issues. Voters wishing to understand what their ...

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Responsible Firearm Ownership Tip: Control Access To Your Firearm

By [email protected] (Rick Ector) Responsible Firearm Ownership Tip: Control Access To Your Firearm If you own a firearm, you have a non-negotiable responsibility to keep it away from unauthorized users, especially unsupervised children. Your firearms should always either be under your direct control or securely stored. It is unacceptable for a four year-old child to gain access to an unattended ...

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St. Louis mayor calls open carry participants ‘extremists’

By Jennifer Cruz This man had a lot to say. (Photo: KSDK) Open carry advocates gathered in St. Louis on Saturday to conduct a walk and help educate residents about recent changes in gun laws, but not everyone agrees the new legislation is a good thing. Several dozen open carry supporters, some armed with long guns, some armed with handguns, ...

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Guns and Ammo Encourages Women to Get on Target

By Michelle Scheuermann Guns & Ammo Magazine USA (Ammoland.Com) – A date at the gun range with a girlfriend has sparked additional coverage for women shooters at Guns & Ammo. That particular encounter put the focus on G&A’s recent article, “25 Ways to Make Women Feel at Home on the Range.” Writer, Kyle Wintersteen, interviews women of all shooting and ...

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