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Deer Hunting

What You Need to Know About Deer Hunting

Are you thinking of venturing into the adventurous art of deer hunting? Or are you already a hunter who just wants to sharpen their hunting skills? If so then this is definitely the place for you. Whether you are hunting deer for sport or meal, these tips will absolutely come in handy for you. All you have to do is ...

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All the gear information you need for deer hunting

What image pops up in your head when you think of a hunter or a hunting trip? Do you see yourself dressed in army or navy camouflage? How about the tube socks and steel-toed boots? Or just a single shot .410? Well, you are not far from the truth. In this article, we will list and go over all the ...

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Tip of the Week: Back Off Buck Sign

By Field & Stream Tip of the Week: Back Off Buck Sign Hunting hot buck sign might not be the most effective strategy right now. Scott Bestul explains why. From: Field & Stream Views: 6 0 ratings Time: 02:04 More in Entertainment Source:: Field and Stream Video

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Setting Up a Pistol for Big Game Hunting – Part II

It’s ammo time! In this part of this series, I’m going to discuss some of the options out there for hunting pistol ammo. I’m also going to cover my handloads, both past and future. The truth be told, if you’re using any of the handgun calibers I had mentioned in my first part of this series, Setting Up a Pistol ...

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California Governor Signs Several Anti-Gun Measures Into Law

Jerry Brown signs new gun laws

California is going further and further down the slippery slope as Governor Jerry Brown today signed into law several measure that will do nothing to promote public safety, but will certainly infringe on the lawful ownership and use of firearms. Starting off, I had no idea the state of California was collecting so much information on gun owners. While most ...

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