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Remington’s New RP9: Dud or Stud?

Remington RP9 review

Several different gun reviewers have spent some range time with Remington’s new RP9 striker-fired 9mm pistol and it looks like Remington may have another problem. Military Arms Channel ran into feeding problems about a 1/4 way into this video review and they seem to get worse as the review continues. Remington had to recall and redesign the R51 after it ...

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TWC Tests 5.7 ammo against a level IIIa helmet [Video]

The Wound Channel tests 5.7 against a helmet

The controversies surrounding 5.7×28 are numerous, but ‘The Wound Channel‘ has decided to put just a bit of the confusion to bed. In  a previous video, TWC failed to penetrate the helmet using a PS90 shooting 5.7×28. That seemed to indicate that the PS90 did not possess all that awesome armor penetration so many had touted. A viewer commented that ...

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Sniper’s Hide Reviews Nightforce’s new affordable long distance scope [video]

Frank Galli at The Sniper’s Hide talks through the features of the economically-priced Nightforce SHV 4-14x56mm F1. The scope gives entry-level, production class PSR shooters a way to compete without selling their cars or prized action figure collections. As Nightforce puts it: About the only complaint we hear about our riflescopes is that they aren’t cheap. Nightforce riflescopes will never ...

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Franklin Armory’s Binary Firing System superior to bump fire

Franklin armory binary firing system

The bumpfire stocks available on the market are little more than a gimmick to simulate full-auto fire rates while sacrificing good rifle handling and tons of ammo. Franklin Armory’s Binary Firing System may bridge the gap between fire rate and actual usefulness. The Military Arms Channel produced the following video showing off the pros and cons of the new fire ...

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Hickok45 Reviews the Remington RM380

After the catastrophe Remington suffered with the failed release, recall and re-engineering of the R51, it’s uncertain how the gun community will react to their new .380 pistol. Hickok45 takes a shot (see what I did there) at informing gun nuts about the new pocket pistol from Remington.

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Settling AR-15 myths .. at a high-volume, full-auto range

As an AR-15.com member, I am often looking for interesting posts to share. Sometimes they contain incredibly useful information and other times .. not so much. This forum post  on the heavy use of AR-15 and AK-47 rifles really got my attention because it re-affirms what I have been telling customers for years: while the AR is a princess and ...

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