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How to Properly Field Strip and Clean Your AR-15 [Video]

How to field strip and clean an AR-15

Shooting USA shows you the proper process to field strip, clean, lubricate and re-assembly your AR-15. Although… they even admitted they forgot to mention to put a few drops on the BCG rails before putting back into the upper receiver. One step that got omitted in the finale edit: Lube points on the bolt carrier, a drop on each rail.

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How to Lighten and Smooth Smith & Wesson Revolver Trigger [Video]

Trigger job on S&W Revolver - video

Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA shows how to lighten and smooth out the trigger on a Smith & Wesson double-action/single-action revolver. Disassembly isn’t shown, but the video shows great detail on how to polish the necessary surfaces to get a lighter, smoother and crisper trigger. Tools/Supplies used: Dykem layout fluid (the purple ink used to visualize polishing efficacy) Power Custom Power ...

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ATF: Putting a Stock on an AR-15 Lower Does Not Make it a Rifle

Many hobby builders ask the question “when is my AR-15 lower receiver a rifle?” The answer is not what many internet forums and even some gun shop staff profess. According to letters from the ATF Firearms Technology Branch, the division responsible for answering technical questions on ATF regulations and firearms law, a lower receiver only becomes a rifle once a ...

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The Cornerstone Of Home Defense

“The decision of whether or not you can morally, ethically, and justifiably defend yourself with countervailing force, must be made well before the situation actually presents itself.  Making critical life-or-death decisions under extreme stress, fear and intense emotion is a recipe for disaster.  Every millisecond matters in the battle for survival.”  I can’t think of anything more important that protecting ...

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