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Shotgun Leads

Whether you prefer trap, skeet or sporting clays, the problem is the same.  You have to assess the targets movement and take the proper lead.  There are three main techniques for leading a shotgun target: sustained lead, swing-through, and pull-away. Here is a great video by the gold medal winning Olympic skeet champion Vincent Hancock.  He makes his points using ...

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Gun Mount for Sporting Clays

Gun Up, Gun Low or something in-between? If you shoot any clay game you may have been exposed to purists from each extreme. Low-gun is the Olympic Skeet requirement of having the butt of the gun at the hip prior to calling for the bird.  Gun-up is having the gun mounted to your shoulder before the call and there are ...

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But, I don’t Have a $20,000 Shotgun

We’ve all been there – you see the guys walking around with guns by Kreighoff, Kolar,  or Perazzi.  Beautiful guns that look and shoot great.  You aren’t sure whether you should even be allowed to pull the trigger on your shotgun next to these fellas – let me tell you, yes you should, and it is possible that you just ...

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