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Setting Up a Pistol for Big Game Hunting – Part II

It’s ammo time! In this part of this series, I’m going to discuss some of the options out there for hunting pistol ammo. I’m also going to cover my handloads, both past and future. The truth be told, if you’re using any of the handgun calibers I had mentioned in my first part of this series, Setting Up a Pistol ...

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Judicial Watch Presents- ‘The Second Amendment under Attack’

  WASHINGTON, Oct. 11, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Judicial Watch announced it will host a panel discussion: “The Second Amendment under Attack.” Panelists include Dr. John R. Lott, author of “More Guns, Less Crime;” Attorney Stephen P. Halbrook, author of “The Founder’s Second Amendment;” and Emily J. Miller, author of “Emily Gets Her Gun: But Obama Want to Take Yours.” ...

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No Reply from the White House

If we were to rewind back to the beginning of the year you might remember the whole gun control debate being at a full boil. Tempers flared with many on both sides of the debate. There was no doubt to any where President Obama stood on the issue of gun control, as much gun control as possible was what he ...

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The NRA Speeds Things Up

For many years now the National Rifle Association has been defending the 2nd Amendment. They host everything from conferences to rallies, and now a race.  April 13, 2013 marked the first NRA 500 race in NASCAR at Texas Motor Speedway just outside of Fort Worth. I can think of no greater place for the NRA to sponsor a race than ...

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Gun Owners March On Washington D.C.- PERMIT DENIED FOR MAY 25th!

Press Release From GunMarch.com After speaking with the Rolling Thunder Group and The National Park Service representative on April 5th 2013, The National Park Service will NOT issue us a separate permit to have our Second Amendment Rally at the Lincoln Memorial using Rolling Thunders stage in conjunction with the Rolling Thunder Freedom Ride even though the Rolling Thunder Organization ...

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Custom furniture to keep your guns safe, secret and secure

YouTube Description: Possibly the coolest hideaway device ever designed. In the 18th century, high end furniture often contained secret compartments with the concept of: if they can’t find it, they can’t steal it. This shelving unit contains ample storage for documents, valuables, and firearms. Because it is custom made, it is available in your choice of wood or custom colors. ...

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Numerous Firearms Manufacturers Refuse to Sell to Govt

Gun companies revolt against Obama's gun ban

While the President and the rabid left continue to pursue a ban on semi-automatic firearms, manufacturers are fighting back by refusing to sell to government agencies that support the President’s plan. Illinois Gov. Rahm Emannuel tried to pressure Bank of America to stop doing business with firearms companies. Viewed as perfectly acceptable behavior by a large portion of America, firearms ...

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Chris Kyle: The Legend Falls

U.S. Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the man known as the “deadliest sniper in American history” was killed at a shooting at at a gun range in Glen Rose, Texas on Saturday, February 2. It is reported that Kyle was shot at point-blank range, and another man, Chad Littlefield, were killed by Eddie Ray Rought, a Marine who is reportedly recovering from post ...

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