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Remington’s New RP9: Dud or Stud?

Remington RP9 review

Several different gun reviewers have spent some range time with Remington’s new RP9 striker-fired 9mm pistol and it looks like Remington may have another problem. Military Arms Channel ran into feeding problems about a 1/4 way into this video review and they seem to get worse as the review continues. Remington had to recall and redesign the R51 after it ...

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TWC Tests 5.7 ammo against a level IIIa helmet [Video]

The Wound Channel tests 5.7 against a helmet

The controversies surrounding 5.7×28 are numerous, but ‘The Wound Channel‘ has decided to put just a bit of the confusion to bed. In  a previous video, TWC failed to penetrate the helmet using a PS90 shooting 5.7×28. That seemed to indicate that the PS90 did not possess all that awesome armor penetration so many had touted. A viewer commented that ...

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