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Claybuster 1034-20 3/4oz 20 gauge Wad [Recipe and Review]

Claybuster 1034-20 Wads

Left: CB 1078-20 Right: CB 1034-20

As lead prices rise, it’s always nice to find another way to reduce shooting costs. It is even nicer when that comes with the promise of even lighter kick out of my 20 gauge practice loads.

Last weekend I picked up a relatively new offering from Claybuster: their new 20 gauge 3/4oz wad designated CB-1034-20.  The “new” wad is really the old 1078-20, but with a small nub added to the shot cup which will allow the cup to fill to the same height with 1/8oz less shot, and they’re green (image left).


All of my online research says that you can use any recipe for the 7/8oz CB 1078-20 wads when using the 3/4 wads. The physics do make sense as even if you put the same powder, with less shot, in a similar wad – at worst, you have a bad pattern because the shot is spread to heck from a hot load. But there should be no risk for high pressures. If anything, barrel pressures should be lower with this load and should result in lower kick.

On the back of the bag insert were a selection of recipes and they seem to back up the assertion that CB 1078-20 recipes could be used wit the new wad. I currently

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The way that Claybuster achieved it is by adding a small raised area in the shot cup. That way, the rest of the wad is identical to their standard 7/8 oz wad.

For a comparison, here’s my 20ga 7/8oz skeet recipe (1200fps, 10,900psi):

16.5 grains Alliant Unique

CB-1078-20 wad

Rem-209p STS primer

Remington STS hull

7/8oz lead (I use reclaimed for practice and #8 1/2 magnum/hard for competition)

The insert from the wad bag had a similar recipe (1250 fps @ 9000 psi):

16.2 grains Alliant Unique

CB 1034-20 wad

Rem 209p STS primer

Remmington STS Hull

3/4oz lead

So with roughly the same powder, the new wad and less shot, the theory holds: higher velocity with lower pressures.

I decided to make 6 of each of three of the four provided recipes to pattern and cronograph.

Velocity 1150 1200 1250
Pressure 7600 8100 8400
Powder (alliant unique) 14.3 15.4 16.2
Wad CB 1034-20 CB 1034-20 CB 1034-20
Hull Rem STS Rem STS Rem STS
lead ¾ oz reclaimed ¾ oz reclaimed ¾ oz reclaimed

The shells went together and crimped well. I’ll post a range report as soon as I get the tests done.

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