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Common Firearms Handling Mistakes you’ve been doing

We are human, which means making mistakes is our thing. Unfortunately, with guns, you may not get a chance to learn from the error. That is why you should give precedence to gun safety, whether you are out hunting or you are at range. Buying a firearm is no small decision, and it comes with significant changes. Since guns can be both dangerous and useful, make sure to make the best of yours by avoiding these common gun handling mistakes.

  1. Poor firearm training

Unfortunately, we are living in the days of instant gratification. You feel the need to have a gun for hunting or protection, and then you rush to a shop and purchase it. After that, you go for quick training and assume that’s enough. Before you know it, you have been involved in negligent discharge, and you hurt yourself. The instant response to these cases is that guns are unsafe, which isn’t true. If you want to handle a firearm for whatever reason, you should learn everything from scratch. Understand that a double-action revolver functions differently from a single-action pistol. Discern all these things before buying your firearm.

  1. Failing to maintain the gun

Guns are mechanical devices that won’t last forever. They are also prone to tear and wear. That is why every handler should follow the necessary firearm handling instructions. That doesn’t mean that you should clean it every week. Check on the manual regarding how frequently you should clean it. However, the typical instructions are that one should maintain a firearm after it has been exposed to moisture, heat, or adverse weather elements. In case you are uncertain about how to do it, ask an expert to inspect the gun for you.

  1. Picking the wrong ammunition

Failing to use the right ammunition for your firearm might lead to serious personal injuries. It could also destroy the gun. Guns are designed, and proof tested to function according to factory standards. If you don’t use the right bullets, you diverge from the recommended pressures, thus making the gun unsafe. It only takes the wrong caliber to wreck your arm. Also, using the proper ammunition helps you to do your task faster. Take a minute to countercheck the bullets you are using against the firearm’s specification. Also, avoid wet bullets and dispose of them carefully. Keep solvents and spray oils away from your ammunition.

  1. Taking gun safes for granted

Guns are potentially fatal weapons. If they land in the wrong hands, they can quickly kill or disable another person. From the moment you decide to buy one, you should have a safe for storing it. Make sure that it is out of sight where your kids or burglars cannot access it. A firearm safe is vital because it takes away all worries of gun mishandling.

  1. Modifying the firearm

Firearms have intricate mechanisms that only experts comprehend. If you tamper with any of the parts, the gun may not function like it was made to work. Any change or alteration that is made to a weapon after manufacturing might make it dangerous and will void the manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t jeopardize your safety or that of others by meddling with the trigger or other safety mechanisms.

  1. Disregarding firearm laws

It is the responsibility of a gun holder to research the local, federal, and state gun laws that are relevant to the person in question. If you are planning to carry a firearm, find out where you can obtain the license. Pay attention to new laws that you should adhere to within your area. Some countries don’t allow the carrying of specific magazine capacities.

  1. Forgetting to educate family members

Many firearm accidents aren’t caused y the owner, but rather a relative of that owner. Train your spouse, kids, and other people that you live with about guns. Teach them the importance of respecting arms and why they shouldn’t fear them. Show them how to index, point the gun in a safe direction, and to check if it is secure. Depending on your relative’s age, you may also train them on firing. Remember that kids are curious about firearms, but they must understand their limits.

  1. Relying on the gun’s safety mechanism

Don’t fall prey for the idea that the firearm’s safety mechanism will protect you from harm. Every time you handle a gun, assume that it can fire any time. The safety feature is only a supplement to the right gun handling requirements. So, do not handle the arm carelessly and assume that it won’t fire because the safety feature is on. Also, don’t touch the trigger unless you intend to shoot. Place your fingers away from the trigger while loading or unloading. Do not place the safety between positions because any little compromise could result in severe danger. Any blow that is strong enough to trigger the firing mechanism of a gun might make it to fire. The only time you are confident that it cannot discharge is when the action is open.

  1. Using the firearm for something it wasn’t intended for

Your gun is not a hammer, an impact weapon, or a pry bar. The flashlight ad can be a little misleading, so don’t fall prey, and you end up using your gun to drive nails. Always be complacent whenever you come into contact with a firearm. Put that in mind before holding it. In case something distracts you, remember to countercheck the gun. Small mistakes lead to significant losses.

  1. Forfeiting eye and ear protection when shooting

All shooters are required to wear protective shooting glasses and some hearing protectors when they are shooting. Exposure to loud noises may interfere with your hearing capability. Sufficient vision protection is vital. Shooting glasses protect you against falling shots, twigs, and any flying object. You should also wear eye protection when you are disassembling and cleaning the gun. That way, you will prevent springs, solvents, tension parts, and anything else from contacting your eyes.

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