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Does Size Really Matter?


There are some uninformed elected officials in Congress that have set their sights  on magazines that hold more than X number of rounds (at the moment they are at the number ten).

The question is this: Does size really matter?

How long does it take you to change a magazine in your pistol or rifle? The answer varies a little bit between weapons, but it can take as little as 1 second, and up to about 5 seconds. So does it really matter about high capacity mags?

Do you know who Dr Susan Gratia is? She can tell you how long it takes to change a magazine. In fact, Dr. Gratia told Congress in 1991 just how long it takes. Just a few weeks previous to her testimony before Congress,Dr. Gratia lost both of her parents in the Luby’s massacre on October 16, 1991. Dr. Gratia survived the mass killing, but regretted that she had obeyed the law that day.

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Before I go and spill the beans, take a look at Dr. Gratia’ testimony before Congress, telling them how it truly is.

So, does it matter how many rounds your magazine holds?

Happy shooting, God bless America and God bless you and yours


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