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Few Important things you need to know about an AR-10 Rifle

These are difficult times we’re living through. With the increasing incident of violence, the number of home invasions and burglary have increased tremendously over the last couple of decades. According to a recent report published by the FBI, in the year 2019 itself, there has been an increase of home invasions by almost 18% compared to the last 15 years. This clearly shows how vulnerable you are while you are at your home, and how important it is to ensure that you have a proper protective mechanism to ensure the safety and security of your home and your family members. All it takes for a burglar is to break into your apartment, and he would have everything at his mercy. At gunpoint, and even on certain instances that don’t require a gun even. If they are in a group, then they can overpower you bare-handed quite easily. If you have not come across such a situation in your life, in that case, you should consider yourself lucky. However, the fact that virtually every day these kinds of incidents are reported on television and should raise red flags for you. As mentioned, it is essential for you to ensure that you have a proper deterrent in place, which would help you keep these intruders and burglars at bay. So, what option do you have? There are quite a few available. However, the best thing for you to do would be to buy a gun. Talking of guns for home protection, an AR-10 rifle would be the best option for you. Over the years, it has emerged as one of the most popular firearms among Americans, as it comes with tons of different types of features and is all quite easy to operate. Looking to buy one? Have a look at the online stores. You will find multiple different variations of AR 10 rifles available. 


AR10 rifle- what is it? 

This rifle was originally designed in the 1950s by ArmaLite, which is a gun manufacturing company at the request of the US army department. The US military wanted to get their existing M-1 Garand replaced by something more advanced. In 1959, ArmaLite sold the rights to Colt, which is a well-known manufacturer of guns and rifles. It was Colt, who modified the rifle and then supplied it to the US army as an automatic M16 rifle. After that, Colt designed a semi-automatic version of this rifle, which was meant for civilian use. This version was named AR- 10.


NRA or the National Rifle Association says that there’s a common misperception among people regards to the name of the rifle. AR in the name does not stand for an assault rifle. AR means ArmaLite Rifle.  One of the major differences between an AR- 10 and M- 16 rifle is the fact that when it comes to the latter, it is an automatic rifle and continuously fires as long as the trigger is held down. While on the other hand, when it comes to the AR-10 rifle, it is a semi-automatic gun where the trigger must be pulled and released every single time a short is intended to fire. 

It was in the year 1979 that colt’s patent on this particular rifle expired and various other manufacturers began manufacturing and producing their variants of this particular model. However, despite different kinds of additional features being added to the modern version of this rifle, which at times even looks different as opposed to the traditional ones, it had gained so much popularity that it still is known by the name of AR- 10 rifle. 

What makes any AR- rifle so popular? 

According to the NRA, the AR- 10 rifle is the most popular in America and is owned by millions from all over the country. According to NRA, the fact that it has gained so much popularity over the last couple of decades, it should be called “America’s rifle”. 

In the year 2016, a report was released where it was mentioned that the AR- 10 rifle has gained so much popularity among the gun users in the United States because of its user-friendly nature. It comes with a highly customizable interface, which is easily adaptable, reliable, and most importantly offers an optimum level of accuracy. Besides, when it comes to its usage, it can be used for a wide range of different types of activities like hunting, sports shooting, and of course self-defense. What makes this particular brand so special is the fact that there is a wide range of different variants of it that are available in the market, which comes with multiple different types of features. 

What makes it so effective for home security? 

As mentioned, an AR- 10 rifle is one of the most popular firearms to be used by Americans when it comes to home protection. There are quite a few reasons that have contributed to the overwhelming popularity of this particular firearm. If you’re talking about the best option to provide optimum security and protection to your home, in that case, an AR- 10 rifles would be the best option for you. Wondering why? In the following section, you’ll be offered a brief insight into some of its features, that makes it so special. 

  • This rifle is very lightweight. As someone who does not have formal training with firearms, this is one of the most important benefits he can avail of. When it comes to preventing burglars and home invaders, you need something that can be easily operated. You should be able to pick up the rifle in a flash and point it towards your target. This is where this particular rifle has proven to be so effective. The fact that it is very light weighted, also adds to its maneuverability. 
  • The accuracy of this rifle is another important feature that needs to be mentioned. When you are up against an adversary, whom you are trying to prevent from making further advances, you need to make sure that you have a rifle that would hit the target once the trigger is pressed. This is where this particular rifle comes in so handy. 
  • As mentioned, with highly customized versions, an air 10 rifle offers multiple different types of features. 

Now that you have some knowledge about AR10 rifle, and you know how effective it is, it is time for you to get one. As mentioned, if you’re planning to buy one, in that case, the online stores would be the best option for you. 

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