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Gifford’s Gun Group Lies in New Ad on NC Permit Bill

Gabrielle Gifford’s anti-gun group, Americans for Responsible Solutions, is running an ad in North Carolina that isn’t simply misleading – it outright lies about the efforts of NC legislators.

North Carolina House Bill 562 includes a provision in it to finally do away with a Jim Crow-era permitting system for handgun purchases.

Gifford’s anti-truth campaign instead says that legislators are getting rid of background checks on handguns which is a blatant lie. In fact, more recent checks will be performed as gun sellers would have to do one at the time of purchase instead of relying on the one performed by the Sheriff’s office some time ago.

The old law was intended to prevent black people from getting handguns, but the reasoning given at that time was that gun stores had no way to do background checks so the sheriff’s office would do it instead.

Now, gun stores have access to and are required to use the FBI’s NICS (National Instant Criminal Check System) to verify someone’s ability to purchase a firearm unless the state provides an alternate mechanism – such as the permits. The permits are antiquated and a reminder of this country’s racist past. It’s time to let the permits die the death they should have when NICS was born and bring North Carolina’s gun purchasing process up to the standards of other states.

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Gifford’s group is not for responsible solutions for anyone. Permit delays like the ones caused by NC’s pistol purchase permits are the cause for harm to victims regularly. Carol Bowne of New Jersey was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend. She was unarmed because her request for a permit had been in process for a month and still not completed. Had New Jersey passed a bill like HB562, she may well be alive today.

In the ad, they even get a former Sheriff to lie. Then again, Sheriffs in NC get money from the permit process and for anti-gun Sheriff’s they have a well-placed obstruction to the second amendment.

Even if the permit fees weren’t enough – many in North Carolina seek out the more expensive (aka lucrative for Sheriff’s departments) concealed handgun licenses to avoid the cumbersome and subjective Sheriff’s permits. Without the permit purchase permits in place, Sheriff’s would also lose this incredible source of funding.

The real truth – Gifford’s group likes any and all barriers to gun ownership, whether they make sense or not. The NC Sheriff’s Association just doesn’t want to lose all that revenue.

They titled their ad “Safe” responsible NC citizens who bother to read the bill would likely have named it something much different.

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