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Government Actions Cause Citizens to Spend More on Shooting

As The Conservative Daily News reported, statements by a Supreme Court justice and recent government activities have ignited fears that the government will soon put more limits on what gun owners may purchase and own. This has spurred a resurgence in the firearms and shooting accessories retail business.

The party even had the audacity to try to slip assault weapons-related gun regulations into an upcoming “cybersecurity” bill, probably after recognizing that the U.S. would not become a party to the UN’s small arms treaty. -CDN


But there were legal precedents from the days of the Founding Fathers that banned frightening weapons which a constitutional originalist like himself must recognize. There were also “locational limitations” on where weapons could be carried. – Justice Scalia

Justice Scalia’s comments could have been a warning shot to voters to make sure that they elect gun friendly politicians that will nominate and confirm the next Supreme Court Justices, or it could be that the conservative Justice really believes that more limits on guns are coming.

The measure inserted into the Cybersecurity Bill limits magazines to 10 rounds. The measure only concerns new purchases at the date the law goes into effect and the frenzy of buying larger capacity magazines has begun.

States are reporting a massive increase in the request for concealed carry permits and the FBI has acknowledged a dramatic increase in the number of firearms-related background checks. AR-15 rifles and WASR-10/SAR-1 civilian AK-47 variants are being bought faster than suppliers can build them.

So-called trial balloons have been floated about semi-automatic weapons, sub-compact or “ultra-carry” weapons and certain shotguns being the next in the sights of the anti-gun zealots should the magazine ban in the Cybersecurity bill hold up, but each new threat of weapons bans causes a huge surge in firearms purchases. As the anti-gun left pushes a dangerous agenda to disarm America, Americans are fighting back by increasing the percentage of American homes with a firearm.  That will hopefully translate into more voters unwilling to elect anti-gun legislators.

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