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Gun Stuffed Stockings

For some of us getting or giving a gun at Christmas is nothing new. According to FBI findings, this past Christmas Santa’s sleigh was well armed. In December of 2011 the FBI processed at least 1.5 million background checks for firearm purchases. Not only did they see more guns being purchased but more women are buying guns than ever before.

Black Friday came in first place first for gun sales followed by December 23rd. There were 102,222 processed on Dec 23rd alone. Black Friday shattered records with 126,166 checks processed.

Why are Americans arming up so much this year? Could it be the uncertain economy? Could it be the fear of politicians regulating the 2nd Amendment into oblivion? Might it be the uncertainty of civil unrest with groups like OWS becoming ever more present?

Since Christmas I have heard several people say that they either received or gave a gun as a present. Some gave a gun for protection for a loved one while others stated they gave a gun for hunting. When talking about the guns given and received it was hard to tell who was more excited. Both the recipient and the giver could give a complete rundown of the specific of the gun.

This Christmas I had the joy of giving my oldest boy his first gun to call his own. The smile on his face when he opened the case to find the Glenfield .22 rifle lit up the room. If you have reached the point of giving one of your children their first gun then you know the great feeling it brings to us parents.

Guns for personal protection topped the list of guns purchased this holiday season. Two guns great for personal protection and concealment that I have heard mentioned several times for presents is the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard and the Sig Saur P238.

One thing about Christmas 2011, Americans decided to take advantage of their  2nd Amendment rights and arm up to protect their families.

In case you are one of these new gun owners, seek the proper training and education on using, storing and maintaining your new firearm. You will have better odds against accidents, attackers and legal penalties if that time ever arises.

For those of us that are long time gun owners or proficient handlers of firearms, we can help welcome our new brothers and sisters by assisting them in becoming as or more proficient than ourselves.


Happy shooting and God bless America and God bless you and yours


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