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Guns and Reality TV

Unlike when most of us were kids, today we have almost limitless choices of programs to watch on a daily basis with just about every network having one or several “reality” shows. Guns on tv shows is nothing new but in recent years guns have received a couple of their own “reality” shows. Discovery Channel created shows such as “Sons of Guns” and “American Guns” that gives a closer look at what goes into building, restoring and/or modifying all sorts of guns.

Here is your question; do these types of shows help, hurt or have no effect on gun enthusiasts and the shooting sports?

Shows such as these do show the amount of details in engineering, safety and many times craftsmanship that goes into producing great or unique firearms. What about the over the top finale that each show uses to unveil their latest project? Most of us enjoy the finale as much, if not more, than the build itself. I have personally been surprised that so far there hasn’t been some group of anti-gunners that hasn’t tried to scream that the shows are promoting violence or some other imbecilic claim. The fact that these shows often showcase fully automatic firearms and even artillery makes it even more surprising.

If you have never partaken in an episode of these shows then you possibly might have missed a chance to learn something new. The history lessons and mechanical lessons that they offer many times are things that few know other than if you are a historical firearms expert. Even as an avid shooter and history buff there have been times that I learned of a firearm and the history behind it that I previously did not know of. Do you know what a punt gun is? Have you ever seen a 12 gauge Gatling gun?

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The featured projects range from restoring an old pistol from the 1800’s to making a bowling ball cannon.  You can find custom builds that fulfill the wild wishes of a client or project that helps better arm our soldiers and law enforcement personnel. In one episode, the team at Red Jacket (Sons of Guns) took an old Thompson sub-machine gun and turned it into a tactical weapon for their local S.W.A.T team. As much as I like to keep old guns as close to original as possible, I admit that the renovated Thomson was quite beautiful in its own right.

You don’t have to be genius, just have a little common sense to easily discern that these shows do not promote violence of any kind other than that which might be required to defend oneself against an attacker. Of course there are some that would like to take even that away from us. The large scale explosions and other props and theatrics are there for our entertainment and their enjoyment. If those things bother you, change the channel, for the rest of you, sit back and enjoy the show.


Happy shooting and God bless America and God bless you and yours.


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