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In The Other Hand

Each of us develops our own preferences in shooting over time. It is natural to throw all of the handgun’s control to your dominate hand. Do you ever switch and shoot with your non-dominate hand?
One of the reasons to carry is to be prepared in the event that we must defend ourselves or others. It is not uncommon to think through your actions in a hypothetical situation where you must use your weapon. It is easy to overlook the possibility of your normal shooting hand to be incapacitated in some way. Would you be accurate enough to take out the threat?
On one of my recent trips to the range I decided to prepare myself for just such an event. I am normally a right hander at most everything I do, so I switched the gun to my left hand to see how much work needed to be done. To my utter amazement the experiment had better results than what I expected. The resulting groups were not as tight as what I shoot at my normal shooting position but not too far from it. With every magazine I shot left handed the grouping tightened until it was comparable to my normal right-handed groups.
Fortunately the human brain has a way of compensating and adapting to changes that help make shooting from your non-dominate hand easier than you would think. You might have to work on the usual mechanics of shooting a little bit to train your new trigger finger to apply the right amount of pressure to the trigger for accurate shooting but that can be quickly accomplished.
Training yourself to use either hand when shooting could greatly increase the odds of a positive outcome if you ever face a life or death situation with your good hand taken out of the fight. Hopefully you will never have to employ your new skill, but like the old saying goes;

It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it


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Happy shooting, God bless America and God bless you and yours

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  1. Good points I hope every gun owner takes this advice.

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