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Remington’s New RP9: Dud or Stud?

Several different gun reviewers have spent some range time with Remington’s new RP9 striker-fired 9mm pistol and it looks like Remington may have another problem.

Military Arms Channel ran into feeding problems about a 1/4 way into this video review and they seem to get worse as the review continues.

Remington had to recall and redesign the R51 after it saw huge reliability issues upon release – is the RP9 destined for the same fate?

Tim wasn’t the only reviewer to experience the “nosedive” problem.

ReponsibleCitizen64 posted this youtube review that shows the exact same issue.

The two problems appear to be design flaws – not just the case of a single lemon.

The ambidextrous slide lock/release that won’t release from one side looks to be due to the flexing that Tim points out in his video.

The feed issues apparent in both videos and numerous forum posts look as though there is something terribly wrong between the magazine and the feed ramp.

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While things can be excused when a gun company jumps into a new design, the fact that this pistol went to market with two very identifiable flaws that would have shown up in even limited testing show a complete lack of respect by Remington for its customers.

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