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Is Wal-Mart ending AR-15 and Defense Shotgun Sales?

The quick answer appears to be a loud and clear “yes.”

Reports echoed from all reaches of the gun news world that  Wal-Mart would be receiving no more AR-15s or so-called self-defense shotguns.

Walmart has made the decision to sell out their remaining inventory of the discontinued firearms at closeout prices, and we’ve seen claims on the Internet of some lucky Walmart shoppers picking up Bushmaster AR-15s for as low as $250. Lundberg was unable to substantiate those rumors, but did say remaining firearms that are being phased out are being steeply discounted.

Some speculated that the reason is due to a recent law suit by the Trinity Church.

Trinity Church filed a lawsuit in Manhattan’s Third Circuit Court of Appeals. The lawsuit challenged Walmart’s refusal to allow a shareholder vote on Trinity’s proposal to stop sales of, you guessed it, AR-style rifles and “non-hunting” shotguns

Wal-Mart spokesperson Kory Lundberg said that the move is not politically motivated, but driven by consumer demand.

While he was unsure of the status of shotguns (he said he’d get back to us when he knows more), Lundberg confirmed that a corporate decision has been made to phase out “MSR” (his term) rifles “for the fall” in favor of sporting and target guns.

As to a reduction in demand for home defense shotguns, that could put a huge dent in Mossberg’s Maverick 88 value-priced 18.5″ little black shotgun – a favorite of Wal-Mart shoppers.

Lundberg said that demand during the fall season centered around hunting shotguns, lever action rifles and bolt-action sporting rifles so it would appear that they are just phasing out Modern Sporting Rifles (MSR) for .. other sporting rifles.. or something.

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