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JD.com Partners with Cloudflare on Operation Network Expansion

Today, Cloudflare announced its latest alliance with AI and JD Cloud that will facilitate the expansion of its network throughout Chinato with an extra 150 data centers. Cloudflare has 17 data centers across mainland China because of the long-standing alliance with Baidu. However, this new deal is considerably bigger.

The original alliance between Baidu and Cloudflare happened in 2015. At the time, the goal was to give Cloudflare a stronghold. The company could join the fastest-developing internet markets and offer Chinese firms a better reach of consumers nationally and globally. More importantly, the partnership would enable foreign firms to access the large market in China.

Cloudflare Background Information

The founder and CEO of Cloudflare, Matthew Price, issues a statement regarding the few tech companies from Western that have figured out operations in China. Matthew Price expressed his delight over the achievements of the company and what Cloudflare has learned regarding China. In the past six years, his firm has worked directly with partners in China. Over the years, Matthew Price has identified many opportunities and a large market worth investing in as a corporation. China still has a tight-know tech community with a long memory.

Matthew Price attributes the good partnership between Baidu and Cloudflare to the interest of JD.com in working together with the firm. The Baidu alliance will continue to be a perfect partner to the company. Nonetheless, the new partnership with JD.com will provide Cloudflare a chance to reach a different category of businesses in China that are betting on the firm’s cloud. The Cloudflare CEO added that as his company got more involved with JD, the latter was among the most promising cloud providers across China.

According to Matthew Price, that means that integrating the services of the two companies makes their final product, the cloud platform, more reliable for customers in China. He realized that the company has relationships with several high-profile businesses in China that are seeking to gain a global reach. Currently, Cloudflare runs its operations in 200 cities, and adding another 150 cities even through a partnership indicates a major expansion for the firm.

Baidu Alliance Versus JD.com Partnership

When it comes to the actual deal, Matthew Price stated that its structure resembled the contract it made with Baidu. Cloudflare hopes to contribute the knowledge and tech used to establish a network in China. The company needs the financial guarantee and capital that comes with partnering with a renowned business.

All this would help Cloudflare share in the perks of establishing a China market and serving clients outside China. When Baidu first introduced Cloudflare to China, the move attracted a lot of criticism into the market. Matthew Price, however, was set on taking on a pragmatic approach.

JD Cloud and Cloudflare

When it comes to free speech in China, Matthew Price noted that every place in the world had regulations on accessible content. Though a former journalist in the United States, Matthew Price has embraced the traditions and laws that apply in China. Wherever Cloudflare has set its operations, the company seeks to practice this concept; it strives to comply with the local laws.

Cloudflare projects that it will take at least three years before every data center moves online. President of JD Cloud & AI, Dr. Bowen Zhou, expressed his excitement over establishing a strategic partnership with Cloudflare. The mission of Cloudflare remains to assist society build a better Internet, and its collaboration with JD Cloud & AI supports this commitment. Cloudflare offers top-of-the-range service to its partners around the world.

Using the rich experience of JD across different business scenarios and its technological and logistics capabilities, Cloudflare will offer valuable services that can change how business is carried out for users worldwide.


JD has delivered robust growth of its sales in the fourth quarter. A large number of emerging clients to the platform began interacting with the company during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the new audience that has increased sales and supported the growth of this e-commerce giant.

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