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Lesson Learned

Gun owners are not surprised at hearing people speak of guns as dangerous or evil. We have faced these comments for many years but know that it is the gun that insures freedom when in the right hands or tyranny in the wrong hands.

Most days I browse and read many articles concerning gun ownership and practices. Recently I read of one lady that has lived on both sides of the fence and the events which led her to become a gun owner. With her blessings we are passing her story along here on Typical Shooter. If you would like to read the story in its entirety, just click here or you can also read her blogs here.

“Being taught to shoot or not wasn’t really the biggest problem. Being raised to be a victim: that was my biggest problem. In addition to growing up in a house full of anger and violence, I was taught that the way to stop violence was to cooperate. If I wanted to avoid being hit, all I had to do was everything I was told to do.”

At one point in history cooperation would be the quickest and safest way to end a conflict with it normally just costing you your valuables. In the modern day when many attackers seem to prefer leaving no witnesses to their heinous acts, victims no longer have that option.

“The attitude of compliance was so ingrained in me that on the afternoon I was mugged, I did not fight. I didn’t even think too. I didn’t freeze. I did everything in my power to be nice and to give him what he asked. The problem was, even after I gave him what he asked for, he wanted more, so he took it. He grabbed my arm, bent it back and he grabbed my money and he shoved me to the ground (this is the first time I have publicly shared that part of the incident). I have no idea what his plan was for me because by the grace of God, 2 cars pulled into the parking lot and he took off.”

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All too often the victim of the attack is not as fortunate as the lady in this article. It seems to be so common now days that beastly attacks such as this don’t even surprise most people in the least. In her great fortune of surviving the vicious attack she awoke to the fact that compliance was not the answer to such situations.

“I got a gun, I learned how to use it and I have spent the last year honing those skills. I have done everything in my power to prepare myself so I can stop the cycle of compliance and so I can teach my kids how to fight back.”

If you take anything from that last quote, let it be that she did the right thing once she decided to purchase a firearm. She practiced and continues to hone her skills. It is this honing that ultimately what makes the difference if you are ever in such a situation. Your training and practice will help insure not only your safety but also the safety of innocent bystanders.


Happy Shooting, God bless America and God bless you and yours,


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  1. She has confronted and overcome her fears. There’s a lesson in there for all of us.

  2. You are so right Tango Juliet. Unfortunately there are too many people that fail to learn from their mistakes. This lady is now an advocate for us and other legal gun owners.Not only did she learn a lesson on the personal level but has become proactive in the fight to help others protect themselves.

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