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List of 9 Places to Study Abroad in 2019

Choosing the place where you’re going to spend the next five or more years is a serious decision, and you have to act wisely. The world is open for those who want to see more. So, make sure to check the top 9 of the best places all over the globe that we’ve chosen for you exclusively. Keep in mind that the selection of each is based on the students’ desirability, point of view, and affordability. Read on to get more detailed information on the best places to study abroad and figure out which city could be an option.


As you would have thought, Sydney is one of the most popular places on earth that students tend to pick to pursue their degrees. The thing is that the city is known for its high quality of life, careless lifestyle, and awesome beaches, of course. What is more, Sydney is one of the most diverse places on the globe in the ranking.


If you’re on the lookout for the best urban spots in Europe, Berlin is definitely worth your attention. Students from all over the globe keep on choosing German capital, giving it top scores for affordability and absence of tuition frees. When it comes to German universities, Humboldt-Universität is definitely worth trying.


Take a closer look at Keio University, the first private educational institution in Japan. The university recruits only the most talented and qualified personnel. According to the experts of Keio University, the core mission of the institution lies in being a constant source of morals and intellect for both the country and the whole world.


The French capital has always been one of the most popular student cities. In 2019, things still work the same way. College and university students are welcome to choose among eighteen internationally reputed universities to join the list of those who have already fallen in love with the “City of Lights.”


American College Dublin is very popular among the students who are looking for potential options to study abroad. The institution is located in Merrion Square, right in the historic center of the Irish capital. It is important to mention that the campus is within walking distance of everything that the city has to offer: cafés and restaurants, museums and theaters, pubs and galleries, and many other spots that are popular among the students. The great thing about studying in Dublin is that in addition to high-quality education, you get a unique opportunity to study the culture of the city and the country.


Montréal has successfully overtaken Ottawa as the most popular location, according to college and university students. According to multiple surveys, the city earns many scores among the students, who tend to describe Montréal as the city of youth and culture, with some awesome foods, study spots all over the place, and nice people who come from all possible parts of the planet.


The capital of Great Britain is on the top of our list. You’re welcome to choose among nineteen internationally reputed colleges and universities located in London. For instance, Imperial College London and University College London are known as the institutions that are within the top 10 schools in the world.


If you decide to study abroad and give preference to Germany, make sure you stay in the capital of Bayern. Munich is an impressive place for those who enjoy the Bavarian lifestyle and well-known German economy.


If you’re thinking about studying in China, consider Fudan University. The institution provides its students with a nice campus and an excellent opportunity to explore the new and unknown country. Each student is welcome to take a wide range of language courses as well as to intern at various locations within the city. While living right in the center of Shanghai, students are provided with an opportunity to live in well-furnished apartments together with English speaking locals students. This helps international students to get a feel for a new place and dive into the new culture with its peculiarities and opportunities.

So, what’s your perfect destination for studying abroad? Mind that addressing this question must be intelligently managed.

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