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MKS Supply brings back the Inland M1 Carbine

By Max Slowik

inland m1 carbine

A 1945 M1 Carbine replica, top, with bayonet lug and M1A1 Paratrooper, bottom. (Photo: MKS Supply)

MKS Supply has just announced that it’s bringing back a historical name and historical rifle with the Inland M1 Carbine. These new-production .30 Carbine rifles will be offered in three versions, all matching original configurations.

These carbines are designed to be true to the originals down to the arsenal markings and cartouches, combining history and shootability in a single package.

To ensure that these new-production M1 Carbines don’t get confused with mint-condition originals, they are marked on the barrel and stock to prevent confusion or graft. The …read more

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