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Nerf Shotguns are very cool

Playing cops and robbers are cool. Running around fake shooting people, that is the life. Whether it is during a family skirmish played around the house, an all out of office warfare, then you have to make sure you have the best NERF shotgun out of everyone else. Now deciding which one to buy is a very important decision towards making you win that game. Getting your hand on the finest darts with foam-fillers to buy is another important decision to make. Nerf shotgun are different in prices, power, size, ammo capacity and ammo type. You don’t want a situation where eight-year old struggling to take aim with a massive full automatic rifle. The 12-year-old would not find it impressive. A single shot pistol would also have the same effect on a 12 year old.

There is a wide range of nerf shotgun available, though some changes do occur to the models that are on sale. There are also some coveted models which are like the holy grail of nerf shotguns and might be found only in large retail stores plus if someone tells you the have it in stock. So, what you need is to make sure you are properly armed, and you have your list of must-buy nerfs. Make sure your list is as creative as possible. Although, before you begin your buying journey for your nerfs, there are some tips which can help you make the best decisions.


If you have even been in a nerf battle before you will know, that you can never have too many darts. Sometimes the number of darts you have might be the turning point in winning your game. So, thinking you have enough darts is just the first step towards losing whatever games you might be participating in. There is nothing as frustrating as trying to pick up darts on the floor for a reload and there is nothing as satisfying as having enough ammunition to annihilate your opponent. While the nerf makers might not have made enough darts for this gun. You can make up for this shortfall through buying more darts for your gun. What you need to remember is, make sure you are buying darts that are compatible with your nerf shotgun.

Now, there are different types of ammunition you can choose from. They are five in number. There is the standard nerf dart, it is a small, foam cylinder, rubber-tipped dart which are all identical except, they come in different colours. There is the accustrike which is compatible with most nerf guns in addition to a satisfying noise it makes as it shoots out of your gun and flies towards your target. You just feel it in your bones that it would hit its mark.

When it comes to the missile dart, it is larger but only used as a secondary one-shot ammo type. It is used by certain nerf blasters like elite demolisher. When you want to get serious, you would be talking about the foam balls used in the nerf rival range and it can be aimed at ages 14 and upwards. Known as the ammunition which will win you any game you play at. It is spherical and can be used by anyone.


The accessories to choose from are numerous. This includes those made by the nerf producers and from third parties also. Some might just be cosmetic to make your gun look cool or realistic while some are designed for actual use. Despite this, the most useful accessories are the higher-capacity magazine which are also called clips. The official nerf one comes in numerous shapes and sizes, plus there are other third party options available too.

The accessories can be changed between nerf guns because some are removable amongst different gun models. Keeping a stock pile of accessories like magazines might just be worth it. The nerf shotgun range includes official accessories like upgrade bundles, bipods, grips, sights, barrel extensions and a whole lot more. All you have to do is ensure your nerf shotgun is compatible with your accessories if not you might find yourself in a bind. There are also other wearable items like vest which can be bought from the nerf makers or also from third party manufacturer.

Nerf shotgun is actually very cool. It has the capacity to give you an edge over other players be it in a fun game or in a competition. It also has the capacity to hit your target when you aim and fire plus the reload makes it one of a kind.

The specifications of the nerf shotgun are, fully automatic, mega darts are 24, comes with a shoulder strap, requires 6 x D batteries and can be used by ages 8 and above. This is definitely the blaster needed to make you become the ultimate nerf warrior. No tripod needed, shoulder strap that makes it easier to carry while freeing your hands and legs as you dash for cover. 3x reload of darts which increasing your chances of hitting your target. The nerf shotgun has the capacity to get you the edge you need to beat your opponents in any game or warfare.

The gun is put together with a removable cylinder and it comes in three different parts. Each part has a slide which has to be put together, clicked into place where it forms a complete circle. There is also the added protective cage which locks in to four different holes beneath. It gives your cylinder protection from damages. There is the added advantage of a nylon shoulder strap which makes the shotgun easy to carry.

In all the nerf shotgun is ultra-cool and a must have model to invest in for yourself or your kids. Schedule a warfare game at home or in the office when you buy this nerf shotgun because you know you already have the winner’s trophy in the bag. Whip you gun out and smash your opponents to bits.

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