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New Range Box

Have you ever desired a quicker and better way to get your gear from your truck to the firing line? The old stand by G.I. ammo can has been a staple of shooters for decades. As reliable as they are their size limits the capacity and multiplies the number of trips to get all of your supplies. For quite some time I have been looking for an inexpensive solution to cut down the multiple trips to get all of my gear into the range.

The solution came with a visit to The Fort Worth DeWalt service center. A multiple compartment rolling tool box for less than $20 that could carry most all of my essential range gear at one time with ease. The box is made by Black& Decker (part#51466374-00) and features a removable divided tray, slots to add patricians in the bottom compartment, additional compartments built into the lid and an extendable handle.

The top tray has enough room to hold several pairs of glasses, earmuffs, scopes, spare magazines, ect., with room to spare. In the bottom compartment I threw in my tool kit, full cleaning kit, boxes of ammunitions, skeet/game vest, spare earmuffs, targets and several other odds and ends. The top cover has flip-up hooks incorporated to tie down additional gear for transport, along with compartments to hold small parts such as scope rings, or even cleaning supplies. Another thing I found useful about the box was that the top is large enough that it can double as a cleaning table if need be.

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So if you have a lot of gear that you need to get unloaded quicker or just need to get your gear better organized, you might want to look into getting one of these boxes or something similar. It never hurts to get your gear better organized.


Happy shooting, God Bless America and God Bless you and yours


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