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New Yorkers about to give up last hope of gun ownership

New York seeks to outlaw firearms with microstampingNew York State legislators are pushing through firearm microstamping legislation (A.1157B) which intentionally creates firearm manufacturing rules so difficult to implement that most firearms manufacturers just won’t bother selling into New York anymore and those few left making guns in New Y0rk will likely leave.

New York already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but has failed to see any real reduction in violent crime. So instead of fixing the real issue (law maker’s and law enforcerment’s  inability to end inner-city crime) they go after a popular target: gun makers and gun owners.

Micro-stamping forces gun makers to manufacture and install firing pins with the ability to create tiny stamps on the cartridge casings of the rounds they fire. This is a burden on the manufacturer and on the first person to buy the weapon (which is often a dealer, not the actual first owner).

As defined in the proposed legislation:

Firearm microstamping  is  a  revolutionary forensic technology that produces an  identifiable alpha-numeric and geometric  code  onto  the  rear  of  the  cartridge  casing  each  time  a semiautomatic pistol is fired

Micro-stamping has several flaws:

– The original purchaser is usually a gun store owner or firearms wholesaler, not the first person to actually keep the gun for personal use

– A firearms manufacturer now has to produce different models for New York, California and the rest of the nation

– As the microstamp is only on the casing (the part of the cartridge that holds the bullet) anyone planning to commit a crime would simply go to a New York shooting range, pick up the fired brass, use those mirco-stamped and reload them. Then then the craft criminal could blame his murder on YOU.

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– If you decide to replace your pistol’s firing pin with a titanium striker or other match grade device, you’ve just committed a crime – no more competition of upgrades for New Yorkers.

The law is obviously not about tracking firearms or cartridges. The law is about making it impossible for firearms manufacturers and retailers from surviving in New York.

Lately, firearms businesses have been moving to Texas and the Mid-West in droves. Tens of thousands of American manufacturing jobs are being shunned by New York Democrats like Assemblywoman Michelle Schimmel. What’s more important – keeping guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens or keeping jobs in a state that sorely needs them?

New York residents have two choices: Decide that any rightful New Yorker should own a firearm or agree with the Democrats that only the criminals should have guns because this law will only prevent lawful ownership of firearms as the gun industry continues to move out of the state and gun dealers find other ways to make money.

If you live in New York and think that Ms. Schimmel is wrong, let your state legislator know before it’s too late – or it soon will be.

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  1. Tom in the Republic

    Noo Yawkuz deserve the legislators they elect, Noo Yawk Citee deserves Doomburg the Fascist, I hope he continues to ruin the city.

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