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No Reply from the White House

White HouseIf we were to rewind back to the beginning of the year you might remember the whole gun control debate being at a full boil. Tempers flared with many on both sides of the debate. There was no doubt to any where President Obama stood on the issue of gun control, as much gun control as possible was what he asked for.

On January 17th I decided to practice one our philosophies we try to teach here at Typical Shooter. I invited President Obama to go shooting. I sent an email to the White House directed to the President.

Here is a copy of the email.

At this moment our country is a great debate over gun control as you well know. What I would like to do as an active law abiding citizen that loves the shooting sports is to give you a personal invitation to join me in the activity. I do not know if you have ever had the chance to learn and participate in any such activity before, but you might surprise yourself if you have never tried it. The only thing that I ask is if you choose to accept my invitation is that it not be advertised to media. Let it be two men going out to experience one of the freedoms our founding fathers set forth, not a media event. We might be on different sides of the debate but you never know, we might just be able to learn something from each other. Please let me know when you could join me and I will contact one of the local ranges to get things set.

With a push of the “send” button the email raced to the White House’s inbox. Many thoughts and possible scenarios played out in my mind over the next few days. The one scenario that I was certain would happen in response to the email was a response of a standard template style email. On the flip side of the coin I thought about what would happen if the offer was accepted.

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We are five months down the road from when the email was sent and no response has ever come. The only answer received from the White House has been silence. Not even a automated response has hit my inbox.

Some might wonder why I am just now letting you know about the invitation after five months of time. Be assured, there is a good reason why. To be fair to the president, ample time was given to respond. Let’s face it; He does keep a busy schedule. Have you ever stopped to think about how busy the crew of Air Force One stays?


Happy Shooting, God bless America and God bless you and yours,


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