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NY Crime Skyrockets as Citizens Disarmed – City Says: Get this

Residents at home are being targeted by criminals as New York authorities are seeking at least one man in a rash of violent home invasions.

The invaders have firearms and break into homes while the owners are at home. Burglary, assault and owning a firearm are all illegal in New York – none of which is any concern to the criminals.

In response to the burglaries, local security experts have only one bit of advice – get an alarm. Then again, in New York City, you aren’t allowed to do much else.

Recently published reports have demonstrated that crime is on the rise in New York City:

The New York Times first reported last week that shootings in New York City have been rising for the past two years.

This was followed by the NYPD reporting a 19.5% increase in City homicides during the first five months of the year.

Now, according to WABC News Ch. 7, felony assaults on the subway are up 27%.

With the economy doing so much better, it’s hard to understand why more New Yorkers are turning to crime and increasingly in such a violent manner.

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The risk-reward measurement is also different since the passing of the NY SAFE Act.

Seemingly, a home invasions pay-off is that the homeowner can direct the criminals to where the valuables are instead of them having to search around the house for an extended period. Since New Yorkers have been basically disarmed, the risk is greatly diminished that the criminals might get shot.

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