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PARA C7 LDA .45 Review

Para-Ordnance 45 LDA is one of the few pistols that I ever shot that actually impressed me on the first pull of the trigger. For those of you not familiar with such guns, the LDA stands for, Light Double Action. If you automatically think of the old double action wheel guns that takes one hand to hold the gun while the other pulls the trigger, think again.  I did not have a trigger gauge with me, but I would estimate a trigger pull between 4 and 5 pounds. Not what you would expect from a double action.

Besides the fact of the exceptional trigger pull quality, the fit of the gun in my hands was nice and comfortable, especially be this one is a compact framed .45. The frame is much like the famed 1911 but smaller and still incorporates a beavertail safety. The LDA handles the recoil nicely without sending most of the energy into your hand and arm. It does give you some muzzle flip of course being a .45, but nothing major.

Besides the Para feeling good in your hands it’s also quite easy on the eyes with beautiful stainless steel with a satin finish. Of course you can opt for a different finish if you desire, but let’s face it, stainless is strong and more weather resistant than most other options.

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Caliber .45

Action Double action only, Recoil operated, Semi-automatic

Frame Stainless Steel

Overall Length 7.1”

Width 1-1/8”

Height 5”

Weight 32 oz.

Capacity 6+1

Grips Black composite

The LDA will cost you somewhere around $1000 depending on what options you get. The size makes for a nice concealed carry weapon that packs a punch. For a smaller framed .45 the Para has stood out among the crowd. Not only does it give you easily concealed power but looks good at the same time.

On the day the tests were performed I was accompanied by two new shooters, one was my 10 year old son who had never shot pistols before and my sister-in-law who had never shot any gun before and both were able to handle multiple rounds with the Para LDA .45. Being that they could handle this little .45, I would not hesitate to recommend the Para-Ordnance LDA .45 for anybody.


Happy Shooting, God Bless America and God bless you and yours


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