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President using executive action to facilitate largest gun grab in U.S. history

obama1-590x393Gun news outlets have covered the basics on the Social Security Administration’s push to affect as many as four million Americans’ right to own firearms, what has not been stressed, is what’s coming next.

Social Security leadership seems to be operating based on an executive memo from President Obama from 2013 that was supposedly to improve records-sharing between federal agencies and the FBI for its National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS.) SSA’s new interpretation of the memo allows them to feed records into NICS that would prohibit many Americans that have someone else taking care of their finances from owning a firearm.

Social Security recipients with so-called “representative payees” have many reasons for having someone else take care of their finances. Regardless, they have not been “adjudicated mentally defective” which would relieve them of the ability to purchase firearms.

The clear difference is the adjudicated part. That means that due process was performed before preventing gun ownership.

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The Social Security Administration’s effort skips the judicial review and goes straight to a gun ban.

While this new attack on gun rights may affect over four million people, consider the slippery slope. What other department could look at a choice someone has made and decide that they are no longer responsible enough to own a firearm?

  • IRS: Non-payment of taxes
  • BLM: Failure to secure grazing fees
  • HHS & IRS: Failure to secure health insurance

Just a small sample of how far this could go. One memo from the President: no congress, no trial, no judge, no appeal – just gone.

Today, failure to manage your finances while taking social security will have the government infringe upon gun rights, tomorrow it might only take a traffic ticket.

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