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Rammunition by RAM Arms offers quality at a great price

RAI-40-CPFP180500-2TIf you own a semi-auto pistol, you’ve seen ammo prices skyrocket and availability plummet. RAM Arms has found a way to provide high-quality ammunition at fantastic prices.

RAM Arms understands what shooters are looking for – affordable pistol ammo that is consistent and reliable at an affordable price.

In 2013 RAM introduced their line of ammunition, branded “Rammunition.” Through extensive testing and stringent quality control processes, they have created some of the best new and remanufactured cartridges available on the market.

IMG_4302Rammunition 9mm cartridges are made with a hollow base, 124 grain copper plated bullet, electronically verified powder charges, high-quality primers, individually-inspected cases and a thorough quality control program.

In range testing, we found their 9mm to have consistent velocities, reliable feeding and fantastic patterning qualities most likely due to the inherent characteristics of a high-quality hollow-base bullet and high-grade propellant.

Rammunition 40 S&W ammo was even more impressive. By utilizing a round-shouldered copper plated flat-point projectile, even more case friction acts to help the round build proper pressures during firing. This allows for hard-hitting, accurate and consistent bullet flight with the same or less recoil than comparable national brand ammunition that costs 10-25% more.

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RAM’s .45acp impresses similarly. Utilizing a 230 grain twice-died projectile, these rounds fire reliably, accurately and with authority.

The packaging is basic – cardboard boxes with a plastic tray insert and clear labeling, but the ammunition is anything but run-of-the-mill.

RAM Arms offers their ammunition on their popular online outlet, The RAM Armory.

Bulk packages are offered with shipping included. These packages offer consumers ammunition shipped to their door for less than they would pay after driving to their nearest store – if the store even had ammunition of this quality available.

If you’re in the Durham, NC area, drop by their facility.

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