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Remington to increase rimfire and .35 Rem ammo prices

We just received a copy of a letter from Remington explaining that due to increased costs, they will be raising the price of Remington rimfire ammunition and their .35 Remington ammunition:

February 24, 2015
To Our Valued Partners,

Remington understands the importance of maintaining pricing stability within the industry. As a result, we understand that pricing changes outside of the traditional window of pricing and program introduction can be disruptive and therefore we strive to avoid making those changes whenever possible.



However, there are times when we are faced with increasing business costs that we must address in order to continue to drive production levels at the appropriate rates to meet customer demand. We also recognize the importance of providing as much notification as possible in order to allow
our customers to make changes within their systems and communicate appropriately to their customer base as well.

Effective April 1st 2015, we will implement a 9.0% price increase on all Rimfire Ammunition. We will also increase 35 Remington Ammunition by 10%. This change will be in effect for all shipments as of that date.


Should you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact your Remington sales or customer service representative.

Thank you for your continued patronage and support.

Rob McCanna
Robert McCanna | Senior Vice President Sales
Remington Arms Company, LLC.

When one starts, the others will follow. Expect .17HMR, .22LR/WMR and .35rem to get a bit more expensive in the coming weeks.

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