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Review: A.S.C. Stainless Steel 7.62×39 AR-15 Magazines

TS AR 7.62 Hog Buster

The Typical Shooter crew, along with some help from our friends at Lucky Gunner, Ammunition Storage Components (A.S.C.), EOTech (L3) and TAPCO have been working to assemble the TS AR-15 “Hog Buster” chambered in 7.62×39. ASC provided us with a 10 and 30 round magazine to run some ammunition through and we gave them a workout with the almost completed pig hunting AR.

The magazines are made from stainless steel and finished in a deep charcoal grey/borderline light black. Both the 10s and 30s went into our DPMS lower without a hitch and locked in tight.

Using stripper clips and a magazine loader, the load up was easy on the 30 and only slightly harder to push on the 10. No finger-breaking last few rounds on either magazine.

The shooting test comprised a total of  150 rounds through the 30 round magazine and 100 rounds through the 10-rounder. We mixed up slow fire and rapid all with the same results – not a single failure. 250 rounds through these magazines and we didn’t have to clear any jams, dry cycle the bolt or fix a single mis-feed – they were flawless.

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We mixed in some tactical (round in the chamber) and emergency (empty gun) mag changes with the ASC mags. No issues – the magazines dropped out when the release was pressed and went in just as you’d expect. No forcing, pulling, tugging or coercion necessary.

These magazines are just what the AR-15 community is looking for – reliable, good-fit, easy-to-load. The 7.62×39 AR is a popular setup for close-to-medium range game. We will be definitely be picking up some of ASC’s magazines when we build up the 6.5 Grendel AR-15 this summer – yes, they already have 6.5 Grendel Mags for your AR-15.

You can purchase the full line of ASC magazines the same place we do –  The RAM Armory.

check back regularly for more info on the Hog Buster as we hope to have the last two parts in any day now. Once it’s complete, we’ll be doing some range tests on the config to see if needs tweaking or if we’re ready to take it out for some feral swine- oh yeah!

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  1. Where did you get the stripper clips and magazine loader for the ASC 7.62 x 39 magazine? I have searched the Internet and can’t find anything that matches your description.

  2. ASC mags suck!!! If you have to work on them and fill and crimp to make them work and still jamb up they are junk have 4 that don’t work

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