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Right to Bear

How many times have you been listening to a song on the radio and wondered why there aren’t any bands that produce a positive and patriotic message anymore? Can you think of a song that speaks of guns or the 2nd Amendment that is not about “bust’in a cap in the fool”?

If you think such a band or song does not exist, think again. The band Madison Rising has recently released a music video to their song “Right to Bear”. In case you haven’t heard of Madison Rising, here is a little background. Madison Rising is a Pro-American, Pro-Second Amendment, Pro-Constitution all out rocking band.

Madison Rising’s first album debuted October 18, 2011, released by Purple Eagle Entertainment.

 If you want to make history, you need to get involved now. Right now our country is bleeding. Right now our soldiers need to know that we are an appreciative nation. Right now ignorance and apathy are running wild among our citizens. Right now we need a voice to unite us amongst the chaos. Right now we need to get people thinking about the issues that really matter. We hope Madison Rising can help. This is what Madison Rising is about.

–Dave Bray (Madison Rising, Lead Vocalist)


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Happy Shooting, God Bless America and God bless you and yours



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