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Shotgun Leads

Whether you prefer trap, skeet or sporting clays, the problem is the same.  You have to assess the targets movement and take the proper lead.  There are three main techniques for leading a shotgun target: sustained lead, swing-through, and pull-away.

Here is a great video by the gold medal winning Olympic skeet champion Vincent Hancock.  He makes his points using the game of skeet, but the camera videos are amazing and can help a shooter understand the differing techniques.

Shotgun skeet leads

All three lead techniques are viable.  In sporting clays you will more-than-likely use them all.  The maintained lead is the preferred way of setting a lead on a target in skeet.  However, the second target in a pair may come out differently or faster than you expected, you might be slow on the first target – either situation will require mastering of the swing-through technique.  In sporting clays, I find myself going between the sustained lead and pull-away as my chosen approach with the swing-through coming in when I get surprised by a bird.

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If you are just getting started, I would suggest working the pull-away technique first as it helps you learn a smooth gun swing, setting the lead and trigger timing.  Then, add sustained lead and finally practice catching up to a target with the swing-through method.

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  1. oh my. sticking the camer on a shotty like that is awesome. I now have a better idea of what I should see when shoot!! Thank you for finding this!

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