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Sig 226 Long-Term Review

The Sig Saur 226 has become the preferred sidearm of many law enforcement departments and civilians alike in recent years. I have been carrying the 226 for several years now and have fired thousands of rounds with it without a single issue.



Caliber                            9mm (.357Sig & .40cal also available)

Length                            7.70 inches

Height                            5.5 inches

Width                             1.5 inches

Action                            Single/Double

Weight                          34 oz. With Mag

Trigger Pull                   4.4 lbs SA/10 lbs DA

Finish                             Black Anodized

Sights                             3 Dot Siglite Night sights


The 226 has proven to be quite the durable workhorse. To test the reliability of the Sig, I fired 500 rounds at one shooting session; put it back in its holster carried it for a few weeks without cleaning it. On the next range trip with the 226 I fed another 500 rounds through it, holstered it and waited until the next range trip. The next range trip the Sig ate another 250 rounds without ever so much as a hesitation. After the third trip to the range I could not stand it any longer and proceeded to give it a thorough cleaning. When I decided to test the Sig’s reliability in this fashion I used low grade bulk ammunition that most would consider to burn “Dirty”. The ammunition definitely was not clean burning, but the Sig didn’t seem to care. With each pull of the trigger the 226 operated flawlessly. The one thing I neglected to do while cleaning the Sig after all of these rounds was to count how many patches and q-tips it took to get it clean.

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The feel and balance of the Sig 226 impressed me from the moment I picked it up the first time. It has proven to be easy to handle no matter which hand it is shot with and easy to get on target with the Siglite sites.

Since I purchased my 226, Sig Saur has added an integral accessory rail to mount your favorite light or laser.


Happy Shooting, God bless America and God bless you and yours,


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