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Spanish La Liga: results of the busy season

Another season in spanish La Liga has ended. The Catalan Barcelona quite predictably became the champion of the country, ​​while Atletico and Real have failed to impose worthy competition on it during the long tournament distance.

If everything was approximately clear with the first three positions in the standings before the start of the season, then the battle for the 4th place, which gives a ticketto the Champions League, was really tense. The main contenders for it were Valencia, Getafe and Sevilla. The fate of the last place in the Champions League zone has been decided only in the final rounds. Even the neutral fans clearly enjoyed such intrigue.

As a result, Valencia managed to occupy the 4th position in Spanish La Ligas table. In general, the season for the Bats turned out to be quite successful. In addition to winning a place in the Champions League zone, the team managed to reach the semifinals of the Europa League and also won the Spanish Cup.

Now, the expectations of the fans are very high since they expect that the team will perform well in the most prestigious club tournament of the Old Continent. This will require high-quality and pinpoint strengthening, because Valencia will not be able to afford huge expenses.

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Talking about Valencias tasks for the next season, then their main goal will once again be getting into the zone of the Champions League. The Bats have everything to achieve this:

  1. Great lineup. Competition for a place in the starting lineup is serious for each of the lines. It is pleasant for the head coach, because he needs to choose from really cool athletes.

  2. High level of skills.

  3. Good teamwork.

  4. Experienced coaching staff.

However, it will be extremely difficult for Valencia to withstand competition against other teams, in the first place, against Sevilla. That is why, starting from the first rounds, the team has no right to make mistakes, because the density of results in the standings is so high that the result of each match matters.

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