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Spare Time

I know that most of us have very little spare time. Between work, sports, and other various things, time is spent just as fast as our paychecks. You might be asking yourself why the subject of time is being brought up on Typical Shooter. The answer is actually a couple questions.

  • Have you ever wanted to share your knowledge of the 2nd Amendment or shooting sports?
  • Are you looking for a productive activity to help get through the winter ahead?

If you answered yes, then click on the button above this article that says “Write for The Typical Shooter”.

You don’t need a degree in journalism to be a writer, just a deep love of the things that encompasses the world of guns.

If you have a small arsenal, or a large one for that matter, write about what you like and dislike about the guns you already own. With guns come the different types of accessories and equipment to use with them that most of us have accumulated over the years. Guess what? Others can benefit from what you learned about any of your guns or gear.

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So, don’t hide what you know, share it with the world.


Happy Shooting, God Bless America and God bless you and yours


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