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Smith & Wesson Sw9VE Review

Smith & Wesson has been a staple of the firearms world for generations and nowhere close to being a new kid on the block. When I think of Smith & Wesson I automatically think of revolvers. What about the semi-autos that S&W produce?

To start off with, here’s the specs on the SW9VE:

Frame             Polymer

Slide                Stainless Steel

Caliber            9mm

Capacity         16+1

Rear sights     2 Dot fixed

Front sight     White dot

Length            7.25”

Weight           24.3 oz  (Empty)

Retail             $369.00


Admittedly the SW9VE was going to be a hard sell for me due to the fact that I am not a big fan of polymer frames. The contrasting look of the black polymer frame and the stainless slide was an eye catcher for me though.

Before locking and loading I handled the gun to get a feel for it and found it quite comfortable. The feel even improved once it was fully loaded. The loaded magazine seemed to act like a counterweight to the weight out in front of your hand. One thing I liked even before putting the gun in my hand was the fact that it comes standard with a 16 round magazine. Like I say, “You can never have too many rounds”.

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The first few rounds downrange were nice and easy with no excessive muzzle jump or recoil. Double taps where nice, crisp and consistent. The afore mentioned balance made it easy to get the sights on target with the first glance down the slide.

After a lengthy session of putting lead downrange I can honestly say that I could find no faults in the SW9VE in performance and feel. If anything, the S&W actually took a big bite out of my bias against polymer framed guns. If you are considering buying the Smith & Wesson SW9VE, I would not hesitate recommending it for the new shooter or the seasoned veteran (even though it has a polymer frame) for its bang for your buck.


Happy shooting and God bless America and God bless you and yours.


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