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Setting Up a Pistol for Big Game Hunting – Part II

It’s ammo time! In this part of this series, I’m going to discuss some of the options out there for hunting pistol ammo. I’m also going to cover my handloads, both past and future. The truth be told, if you’re using any of the handgun calibers I had mentioned in my first part of this series, Setting Up a Pistol ...

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Setting Up a Pistol for Big Game Hunting – Part I

This is my first installment in what I’m planning to be a 3 or 4 part series on what is, and has been, my choice for big game pistol hunting. My primary target is the whitetail deer. I’m going to start off with why I like to use a hand gun, what you may want to consider if you’re interested ...

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Long-Term Report: Desert Eagle 44 Magnum

<img class="alignleft size-medium wp-image-1062" title="Desert Eagle" src="http://typicalshooter.com/wp-content/uploads get your ex back> /2012/01/1302438805327-300×225.jpg” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”225″ />The Desert Eagle pistol, is to many, the holy grail of semi-auto pistols. These behemoth magnum handguns have been made famous in many movies and can be seen in many YouTube videos blazing away mercilessly at some unsuspecting target. It’s a beautiful thing to be ...

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